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3-Phase UPS Services

Dependable Service for the Life of Your UPS and Beyond

Service is the most critical component of 3-phase UPS ownership. When you make an investment in a large UPS, you may need it to operate reliably for 10 years or more.

Tripp Lite is a long-established partner you can rely on to stand behind your investment for years to come. Tripp Lite Care 3-phase UPS services are designed to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your UPS over its entire lifecycle, from initial commissioning to preventive maintenance and eventual replacement. They keep your UPS in peak condition so it is always ready to protect you from downtime.


Following Installation

Start up your UPS and activate its on-site warranty. Commissioning improves safety, efficiency and system lifespan while reducing costs and downtime.

Warranty Services

Year 1

Your UPS system's factory warranty covers defective parts when repairs are performed by an authorized Tripp Lite service technician, but does not cover travel and labor. Commissioning activates an enhanced on-site warranty, which covers parts, travel and labor. Annual service agreements can extend that warranty.

Annual Service Agreements

Year 2+

Include on-site warranties and preventive maintenance, which ensures your UPS will be ready when you need it to support critical systems during an outage.

Non-Warranty Services

Year 2+

Provide repair and parts on a quoted time and materials basis when your UPS system is outside the warranty coverage period, or when the current warranty does not cover the required service.

Planned Replacement Services

Year 8-10

Assess your UPS options to help you reduce costs and disruptions when you are ready to upgrade.

Note: Service availability varies by product and region. In addition, your product's warranty may include terms and conditions not described here. Refer to the warranty statement or contact Tripp Lite for more information.




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