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USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Extension Cable - USB-A to USB-A, M/F, Black, 3 ft. (0.9 m)

3-foot extension cord connects two devices with USB-A connectors or extends your existing USB cable by 3 feet.
  • Recommended for connecting computers, hard drives and other USB-A devices
  • Supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps—10x faster than USB 2.0
  • Bi-directional data interface allows data to flow both directions simultaneously
  • Adds 3 ft. to your existing USB connection to provide flexibility in placing devices
  • Ideal replacement for worn-out or missing 3 ft. extension cord

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3-Foot Extension Cable Connects Computers, Printers, Modems and Other USB Equipment
This USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Type-A Extension Cable (M/F) attaches to your current USB 3.0 cable to extend it by three feet. It connects your computer, laptop or other compatible USB 3.0 device, such as a Chromebook or Surface tablet, to a USB-A keyboard, printer, portable hard drive, patch panel or other peripheral. The three-foot length helps reduce cable clutter and minimize the risk of tripping.
Transfers Data at SuperSpeed Transfer Rates up to 5 Gbps
The U324-003-BK supports USB 3.0 speeds up to 5 Gbps—ten times the speed of USB 2.0—and better power efficiency with no device polling and lower active and idle power requirements. The cable’s bi-directional data interface allows data to flow both directions simultaneously, increasing theoretical bandwidth by 10 times. The cable is backward compatible with previous USB generations, allowing you to use it with legacy devices.

Typical Applications

  • Connect devices like computers, servers and external hard drives in your data center, workspace or home theater
  • Extend an existing USB connection up to 3 ft. to more easily place a device
  • Provide a high-quality replacement for a worn-out or missing power cord

Package Includes

  • U324-003-BK USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Extension Cable, A to A, M/F, Black, 3 ft.

System Requirements

  • Devices and cable with USB-A connectors (USB 3.0 capability required to reach USB 3.0 speeds)
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332224859
Cable Length (ft.)3
Cable Length (in.)36
Cable Jacket RatingVW-1
Cable Outer Diameter (OD)5.5
Material of ConstructionPVC
Unit Packaging TypePolybag
Operating Temperature Range32 ~ 122F (0 ~ 50C)
Storage Temperature Range-13 ~ 185F (-25 ~ 85C)
Relative Humidity15 ~ 85% Relative Humidity
Side A - Connector 1USB A (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1USB A (FEMALE)
Connector PlatingNickel
USB SpecificationUSB 3.0 (up to 5 Gbps)
TechnologyUSB 3.0 (SuperSpeed)
CertificationsTested to RoHS, REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty


USB, Lightning & FireWire
  Model Number Description
U322-003-BK | USB, Lightning & FireWire U322-003-BK USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Device Cable (AB M/M) Black, 3 ft.
U322-006-BK | USB, Lightning & FireWire U322-006-BK USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Device Cable (AB M/M) Black, 6-ft
U322-010-BK | USB, Lightning & FireWire U322-010-BK USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Device Cable (AB M/M) Black, 10 ft.
U360-007-IND | USB, Lightning & FireWire U360-007-IND 7-Port Industrial-Grade USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub - 20 kV ESD Immunity, Metal Housing, Mountable
U360-010 | USB, Lightning & FireWire U360-010 10-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub with USB Charging
U360-010-IND | USB, Lightning & FireWire U360-010-IND 10-Port Industrial-Grade USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub - 20 kV ESD Immunity, Metal Housing, Mountable

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