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Management Solutions / TLNET Software

Note: The TLNET Platform is only compatible with Tripp Lite UPS Systems; it is not compatible with Tripp Lite PDUs or Cooling products.

Software Downloads

  • TLNET Shutdown Agent Download

    Tripp Lite's TLNET Shutdown Agent provides automatic shutdown for a computer that is receiving battery backup protection from a Tripp Lite UPS system, but is unable to connect directly to the UPS system via USB or serial cabling. The TLNET Shutdown Agent monitors SNMP-capable Tripp Lite devices that use the TLNETCARD and can initiate shutdown of pre-configured computers upon detecting trigger events from those devices.

Utilities & Drivers

  • TLNET Configurator Utility

    The TLNET Configurator utility simplifies installation and maintenance of TLNETCARDS. Its Discovery function quickly identifies all TLNETCARDs in a prescribed subnet, and from there device configurations and firmware updates can be applied to individual or multiple TLNETCARDs.

  • SNMP UPS MIB Definitions

    Right-click and select “Save As” to download

  • Tripp Lite SNMP MIB Definitions

    Right-click and select “Save As” to download


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