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Secure KVM Switches

For Government and Military Applications

The most vulnerable part of any network is the user access point. That's why federal, military, and intelligence agencies around the world have strict requirements regarding the security of KVMs to safeguard data from accidental transfer or unauthorized access. Tripp Lite's Secure KVMs meet the high standards for security set by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), so data stays safe and in the right hands.

  • NIAP-certified to meet Common Criteria PP3.0 security requirements.
  • Superior security and data protection for commercial suppliers and end users in both government agencies and private sector organizations that require highly secure networks.
  • Safely switch between computers with varying classification levels.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria certification CCEVS

Secure Switching

These KVMs allow users to access multiple computers with different security levels from a single console (keyboard, mouse and monitor), protecting data from accidental or unauthorized transfer when switching between systems.

secure switching jwics siprnet niprnet


JWICS: Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, a secure computer network used primarily within the intelligence community

SIPR Network: Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), a secure computer network used by the United States Department of Defense and Department of State to transmit classified information

Unsecure Network: For example, a Non-classified IP Router Network (NIPRNet) managed by the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and used to exchange sensitive but unclassified information between Government and military users

Physical Security

  • Isolated Data Channels in each KVM port make it impossible for data to be transferred between connected computers through the KVM
  • Tamper-Warning Labels on each side of the KVM provide clear visual evidence if the enclosure has been compromised
  • Housing Intrusion Detection causes the KVM to become inoperable and the LEDs to flash repeatedly if the housing has been opened
  • Fixed Firmware cannot be reprogrammed, preventing attempts to alter the logic of the KVM
  • Tamper-Proof Circuit Board is soldered to prevent component removal or alteration
  • Safe Buffer Design doesn't incorporate a memory buffer, and the keyboard buffer is automatically cleared after data transmission, preventing transfer of keystrokes or other data when switching between computers
  • Selective USB Access only recognizes HID USB devices (such as keyboards and mice) to prevent inadvertent and insecure data transfer
  • Push-Button Control requires physical access to KVM when switching between connected computers

High-Resolution Imaging

niap secure KVM switch

These KVMs support high-resolution digital video resolutions up to 4K for analysis of maps or satellite images on large-screen monitors.

TAA Compliant logo

Tripp Lite has a full line of TAA-compliant solutions designed to meet the needs of government agencies and government contractors.

Model Name Description and NIAP Certification Version Eval. Version
B002-DV1A2 2-Port SH Secure DVI-I KVM w/audio, PP 3.0 285.211
B002-DV1A4 4-Port SH Secure DVI-I KVM w/audio, PP 3.0 285.221
B002-DV1AC4 4-Port SH Secure Pro DVI-I KVM w/audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.121
B002-DV2A4 4-Port DH Secure DVI-I KVM w/audio, PP 3.0 285.221
B002-DV2AC4 4-Port DH Secure Pro DVI-I KVM w/audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.121
B002-DP1A4 4-Port SH Secure DP KVM w/audio, PP 3.0 285.223
B002-DP2A4 4-Port DH Secure DP KVM w/audio, PP 3.0 285.223
B002-DP2AC4 4-Port DH Secure Pro DP KVM w/audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.123
B002-HD1AC4 4-Port SH Secure Pro DP to HDMI KVM w/audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.124
B002-HD2AC4 4-Port DH Secure Pro DP to HDMI KVM w/audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.124
B002-DV1AC8 8-Port SH Secure Pro DVI-I KVM w/ audio and CAC, PP 3.0 285.131
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